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Thursday, July 12th 2012

7:44 AM

Hairy young girls


Related article: Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 20:16:06 -0800 (PST)
From: Travis Smith
Subject: Get Another Boyfriend Home for the Holidays Part 3This is a fictional story. I do not know the Backstreet young xxx passwords Boys and I pictures illegal young do not
know there true sexuality. This story has a very strong story line about
homosexual relationships. If this offends you than please leave now. If
reading this is illegal for you than do yourself a favor and leave. If you
are legal and this type of story doesn't offend you than you are welcome to
stay.Not here it is.E-mail me with feedback at trav14dueyahoo.comSpecial note: I am deviating from the story line just a little. I'm
brining you all the Christmas Addition.Get Another Boyfriend Home for the HolidaysAnd now Were is Part Three!"Please Matt," Dianne pleaded. "I need to be a part of his life." Dianne
was sobbing and I Nubile young girls
was trying real hard to be there for Matt. But right now
I wasn't really seeing his side. But his next words would send relief my
way."There is no way in hell I'm going to lie to my son!" Matt exploded. "I
can't believe you would have me lie to him!""Would you have me tell him the truth?" sexy and young Dianne hurled back. "That his
mother was drug addict and left him alone in the hospital with withdraws?""First things first," Matt said as he calmed down somewhat. "You did not
leave Tyler alone. You left him with me and his grandparents. young hairy And second
thing, you were sick. Addiction is an illness. You left to get
treatment.""He will be ashamed of me," Dianne sobbed. "There is no way he will ever
accept me." Matt got up and did something that floored me. He got up and
went to Dianne's side and wrapped his arm around her shoulder."He will love his mommy," Matt said in a soft voice. "Tyler is one of the
most forgiving persons in the whole world. Trust me on this. You've got
to tell him the truth.""And that is?" Dianne sniffled. I handed her a tissue and she smiled here
thanks to me. I heard the door bell ring."Matt honey," I said softly. He looked up at me with a smile. "That would
be Brian and Josh. Let me get them settled and you continue to talk. I
promise I won't be long." I lent down and planted a small kiss on his lips
and left the room to take care of Brian and Josh.>From Matt's point of view.I watched my lover walk out of the room. I guess I had that same goofy
smile on my face cause I heard Dianne giggling. I smiled and blushed.
"Love is good on you," she replied. "I can tell you really love him and he
really loves you.""You're ok that I am involved with a man?" I asked surprised. "I mean
Tyler is living with me and all.""I will tell you what I see. I see a little boy who is crazy in love with
his daddy and Kevin. I would be a fool not to be ok with that. Tyler is
very well adjusted. He is happy and healthy. You have done a wonderful
job with him," Dianne said."So what are we going to do about you and Tyler?" I asked. "He should get
to know his mother.""I'm just afraid he won't accept me. I don't think I could deal with that
kind of rejection," Dianne said looking down at her hands. I took hold of
her hands and squeezed them."Tyler is a great kid," I said. "Trust me when I say he will be crazy
about you.""Daddy?" Tyler asked as he walked into the room with Jake beside him. "Who
is the lady?" I looked at Dianne and found her staring at Tyler. Tyler
walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my side and leaned against me.
I made the decision right then and there. pretty young angels I took a deep breath and looked
at my son's eyes. They were so full of hope and trust that I had no choice
but to be honest."Tyler honey," I said softly. "This is Dianne, she is your mother.">From Kevn's point of view."Come on in Brian!" I said with forced cheerfulness. "Hi Josh you ready
for Santa?" Josh gave me a big hug and nodded. He was still shy around me
but I didn't mind."Where is Tyler?" he asked looking around. I had to smile at him. He was
in such a hurry to be with his best bud."He is having a talk with his daddy," I smiled down at him. Brian raised
his eyebrows and I shook my head. "I'll tell you later. First let us get
you and Josh settled.""What is going on Kev?" Brian asked suddenly worried. "You are upset about
something.""Dianne is here," I said bluntly."Dianne?" Brian asked confused. "Who is Dianne?""Later!" I barked at him. "I ukraine young girlsporn want to get Josh settled and playing first.
We will talk alone after we get him settled." Brian nodded but I could
tell he was not happy about it. After we got Josh settled and playing in
Tyler's room Brian grabbed my arm and pulled me into the hall."Ok Cousin spill," he ordered me. I sighed and leaned against the wall.
"Well who is this Dianne young kinky sex person?""Dianne is Tyler's mother," I answered."Oh my God in heaven!" Brian breathed.>From Matt's point of view.I waited for Tyler to say something. But he just stood there looking at
Dianne with big eyes. "Tyler honey?" I asked softly. He looked at me and
clung to me tighter. "Baby?" I asked again. "Do you want to say
something?""Umm I have a mommy?" he squeaked out."Yes son you have a mommy," I smiled down at him."Can I talk to her?" he asked with his eyes big."Of course you can talk to her Tyler," I smiled down at him. He turned to
Dianne and walked over to young russian xxx her."Ummm hi," he said looking down at his feet. "Umm my daddy says you are my
mommy. Are you my mommy?" Dianne chocked back a sob. "Daddy why is she
crying?""Oh baby," Really young gay Dianne sniffled as she quickly dried her tears. "I'm so happy
to see you. That is why I am crying. They are happy young teen pichunter tears.""My daddy cries happy tears all the time. It is usually when he is being
mushy with Pappa," Tyler said in an understanding voice. I smiled at
Dianne and shrugged my shoulders."Tyler?" Dianne asked. "Can I give you a hug?" Tyler looked down and
shrugged his shoulders."I guess," he said as he held out his arms. With a sigh Dianne wrapped her
arms around Tyler and hugged him. Her shoulders racking with sobs. Tyler
looked up at me with scared eyes. "Daddy?" he asked. "Why is she sad?""She is not sad Tyler," I replied bending down and putting my hand on his
shoulder. "It has just been a very long time since your mother has held
you." After a few minutes she let go and held Tyler at arms length."She hugs like Grandma did," Tyler said smiling. "Umm can I um call you
mommy?" Tyler asked getting shy all at once."Oh Baby," Dianne said as tears flowed down her face. "I would love for
you to call me your mommy.""Ok I will call you mommy," Tyler said grinning and jumping up and down.
"I have a mommy! Daddy!" Tyler said all exited. "I have a mommy!" I
laughed with Dianne as Tyler continued to jump up and down. "Where is
pappa? I wanna tell him!""Tell me what Tyler?" a deep voice spoke from the doorway. Tyler was at
Kevin's side at once pulling on his arm."Pappa Pappa!" he exclaimed. "I have a mommy! See her?" Kevin smiled
down at Tyler and up at me. I could see the really young
concern in his eyes. I smiled
and nodded to let him know that I was all right."Wow!" Kevin said grinning. "That is a great Christmas Present!""Goodie!" Tyler exclaimed. "Mommy will you stay for Christmas?" Silence
filled the air as the three of us looked at each other and than at Tyler.
He was standing there looking up at us with hope in his eyes. I said the
only thing extreme young nudes
I could say."Of course she can stay," I said ruffling his hair. "We have plenty of
room.""I don't want to be a bother," Dianne said looking up at me."No!" Kevin said quickly. "You will be no bother. Tyler just found you
and you have to stay for Christmas!" Turning to Tyler. "Tyler? Why don't
you take Dianne to the room next to yours? You can show her your room
too.""Ok Pappa!" Tyler said as he grabbed his young vibrator girl mother's hand and started to pull
her up the stairs. "Come on Mommy! I want to show my room!" Dianne
laughed as she followed her extremely happy son up the stairs. As soon as
they were out of sight I fall into Kevin's arms. His arms wrapped around
me holding me and keeping me safe. It was than that I realized that I was
trembling."Your trembling baby," Kevin said softly. "What is it?""I'm so glad that everything turned out ok," I said as I held onto Kevin as
tight as I could. "It could've been young rusas a mess.""I know baby, I know," Kevin said as he kissed my lips lightly. "What do
we do now?" I shook my head. "We have to do something. I mean she is back
in his life and that is definitely going to effect all of our lives.""Do you think she is going to try and take her from us?" I asked looking up
at Kevin."I don't know," Kevin sighed. "But I think it would be prudent to prepare
ourselves for all possibilities.""But can we wait until after the Holidays?" I pleaded with him."Of course we can sweetie," Kevin smiled. "Speaking of the Holidays, Brian
and Josh are here.""Where are they?" I asked looking around."They are hiding out until it is safe for them to come out," Kevin giggled.
I heard a door shut and young pusst the thunder ukraine young girlsporn of little feet down the stairs. Josh
came bounding down the stairs. "Speaking of whether it is safe to come
out.""Is Tyler here?" asked an impatient Josh. "I wanna go outside and play in
the snow.""Tyler is up in his room, why don't you go up and see him," Kevin said with
a smile. "He has a surprise for you." Josh took off running up the stairs
and Kevin took my hand and headed into the kitchen. "What do you say we
get dinner started?""That sounds like a good idea to young vixen me," I sighed as I looked into his loving
eyes. "You know that I love you?""Yes I do," Kevin grinned. "And I love you too."TBC
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Thursday, July 12th 2012

12:00 AM

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